Tuition, General Policies & Information

2018 AUGUST 27th  - December 21st,     January 7 - June 15th, 2019


  • Labor Day September 3

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Winter Break December 22, - January 6th

  • Spring Break TBS
  • Memorial Day

Important Information and Rates| PUNCHCARD POLICIES

We are a small community of dancers who come together to work and play, dance, laugh and learn under the direction and inspiration of Jayne Persch.  


Punch Card - Class payments will move to  5, 10 & 20 class cards for 2018 and the drop in fee will be $18.  

8- WEEK TERM  Payments for 1-4 classes/week

All classes will be 1.5 hours at both the Dairy Center for the Arts - Dancing at the Dairy and all Open Classes in Boulder and  Denver.

 This is a trial run based on advice and recommendations from our community. With respect for overhead costs, we register in advance for studio time, pay  an annual insurance/admn fee and commit to our journey together.

As Jayne commits herself to giving the finest training and caring , we commit to:

  • To help with the overhead and insurances required for each venue a one time $50/ Annual Insurance/Registration Fee is  requested with gratitude.  It is non-refundable and non-transferrable. . If this fee is paid in person, don't add it to your cart online.
  • 8-WEEK TERM  Payments - August 27th -  October 20th, October 22nd - December 15th  All missed classes must be made up within the term and may not be extended beyond 1 week of end of term.
    • 1 Class/Week $136
    • 2 Classes/Week $272
    • 3 Classes/Week $384
    • 4 Classes/Week$521
    • 5 Classes/Week $640
  •  Punch Card Rates: For OPEN Classes in Boulder & Denver - includes GroundworX in Boulder
    • Drop-in $18
    • 5 Class Card $85
    • Professional Cards for Dancers currently dancing with a professional company
      • 10 Class Card $155

 Please purchase your Class Card  or Pay for your 8 Week Term through payments page and bring your receipt to class for your card.

Class cards are valid through December 17th, 2018 and are  non-transferrable.

  • Rates for Special Programs
      • Open to More (OTM) is  a program for Advanced -Professional Dancers with an Annual Tuition  payable in 4 week payments for unlimited Classes on the schedule plus 2 Set classes to be scheduled.  Please inquire for more information.
      • BRIAH Young Dancers' Project is for serious young dancers 15-21 years of age - Please inquire for schedule, philosophy, tuition & more
  • Classes that do not have  at least 5 regular  people  will NOT remain on the schedule and are subject to being cancelled 
  • Please check the website regularly for  all notices for class adjustments, cancellations, news & events.  We do our best to include everyone - even drop-ins but sometimes they are not on the email lists. 
  •  Please bring a friend to class - 1st Class is FREE
  • We welcome all  drop-ins:  Rate/ Guest Pass of $20 is required for all non-registered students who come to  class and prefer to pay each time Guest Pass payments will be received in person BEFORE each class - thank you for your respect.
  • Guest Passes do not apply to YDP or OTM programs


More Important General Info &  New Rates

  •  All classes must have a minimum of 5 students to remain on schedule. BRIAH Danse has the right to cancel or hold class regardless of number of students in class. 
  • Please SIGN IN BEFORE EACH CLASS to help keep our records straight ~ thank you! 
  • Please have your card punched or mark for each class that you take - Thank you
  • TIME  - We all know Jayne will keep on teaching... overtime! - Please help us to  ensure that All classes will begin and end on time.  
  • Please respect the class and other participants in their process in class.  Do come early or stay after to talk & socialize unless our rental times prohibit being in the space outside of class times.  Thank you
  • Late comers may not be able to participate.
  • Additional classes may be added to schedule with enrollment and registration of 5 students
  • *If you partially  participate in E.A.S.E Opening of Class – please  consider it as another  class/ puch,pay and sign in please.
  • Bring a friend - first class is free!
  • Please fill out Health/Insurance & Registration form.  Thank you
  • Guest Passes for open classes can be paid at the time of class - before class. $20 per class   Thank you 
  • Workshops and Guest Artists classes -
    • Fees to be set by guests will be posted and will be payable  are payable in advance or before class starts.
    • Guest & Master classes are NOT included in the Class cards

Invited Guests & Collaborationg Artists include:  Keith Lee (Alvin Ailey/ABT), Viki Psihoyos (Balanchine Trust),  Beverley Bagg (Ballerina- Alberta Ballet), Amanda McKerrow/John Gardner (Tudor Trust/ABT), Valerie Madonia (ABT/Joffrey), Cindy Gottlieb (Joffrey Ballet), + more.

CLASS PUNCH CARDS may be purchased on line or from Registrar for  each class.

8 Week Term Payments must be made before 1st Class of each term, August 27th and October 22nd

Please see Payments page for options

Private/Coach Classes By Appointment Fee per hour $125. (Studio rental included)

 Dancing at The Dairy!

Has been postponed until January 2019


  • 5:30-7 Open BRIAH/Groundworx Class for technique, somatic awareness, fun & safety - includes warm-up, across the floor and Combinations for  choreography.
  • 7-8:3- Silks & Bamboos - based in Tai Chi and Eurythmy, it includes learning the Tai Chi From, exploring Energy Walking and the use of long Silks/Brocades and short, medium and long  sticks
  • Dates for Dancing at the Dairy are:
    • August 27th,
    • September 4th (Tuesday), 10th, 17th and 24th,
    • October 1, 8th (Tuesday), 15, 22,
    • November 5, 12, 19, 26.

YDP & OTM Tuition

Young Dancers' Project

The Young Dancers' Project is a serious - pre-professional training program for dancers 15-22.

Open To More - PUSH - GoundworX

This program is for Advanced & Professional dancers who want to hone their technique, push the limits of their abilities, discover new genres and personal ways of moving, applying personal anatomical understanding to their styles of movement and genres and increasing diminish the propensity for injury.  It includes unlimited Open classes Advanced Technique, Personal Anatomy, Challenge Classes -Unlimited Scheduled Classes with TBS Coach Classes  with Jayne Persch & specific guests.  Dancers in OTM/PUSH & GroundworX classes are encouraged to audition for projects with BRIAH Danse Company.

The tuition takes into consideration that you are dancing, rehearsing training all the time, the cost is for studio rental and below minimum wage for Jayne and full wages for guest teachers in the regular schedule. $110/week = $440/month - 36 weeks  $3960/year or 1/2 year $2090.  Master Classes/Workshops/Rehearsals for Company are not included in tuition


I agree to all terms and conditions stated above