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BRIAH Movement/E.A.S.E  Workshops & Certification

The BRIAH/Embodied Awareness EASE Certification Program is designed to help, teachers, future teachers, therapists; dancers,  movers and choreographers as well as  enthusiastic students; to inspire and deepen their understanding and practice of Movement and Dance.

 It is the BRIAH’s intention to help develop the kind of dancer, teacher, choreographer and therapist who is excited and passionate about sharing the joy and transformational powers of movement through understanding the entwining of body, mind and spirit.

Dance & Movement’s increasing popularity brings with it the need for instructors who are confident and qualified to bring forth its teaching based in traditions and explained for today in our communities.

This comprehensive course of study is designed to help trainees to systematically build knowledge, developskills with a new perspective, incorporatingthe new sciences with traditional training systems andancient wisdom.

 Students of this program may wish to simply deepen their own practice, or develop an understanding of the principles needed tobe personally safe, efficient in movement and continually opening to individual artistry. For teachers and therapists, the program offers an alternative understanding to offer and lead safe, instructional, and inspirational classes and workshops.

The Program Curriculum

The program curriculum is designed to explore many of the traditional components of dance & movement, and  supportive movement methods such as Feldenkrias, Alexander Technique,  Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, recreational movement and therapeutic exercises.

 The curriculum offers time to think, feel and move; an understanding of meditation,  the use of imagination, inspiration and intuition,  imagery in movement, architectural design of the body; the energetic body, and applied philosophies, history, with new anatomical information, correlations and understandings such as Anatomy Trains, Fascia & Connective Tissues, Kinetic /Mechanical Links for skill acquisition, efficiency, artistry, injury prevention and rehab.

You will be introduced to anatomy and principles of alignment so that you can adapt dance & movement postures to suit different needs.

This in-depth curriculum includes:

▪  How to observe and understand your students' bodies through postural analysis, viewing and using anatomy trains, tension in fascia and connective tissues age appropriate, movement based in anatomy: body facility, mental acuity, and emotional capacity.

▪  Principles of adjusting and modifying movement: postures, gestures, primary and gross movement skills

▪  How to plan and sequence a class

▪  How to teach specialized classes like restoratives, prenatal, physically challenged, or classes for the elderly as well as elite movers.

▪  The history of  dance, philosophy, its foundations, and how dance history and philosophy can inspire your teaching

▪  Ethical guidelines for teaching and lifestyle

▪  Guidelines for the business of teaching movement

▪  Nutrition for healthier living

▪  Non-contact hours include home study, practice, class room observations and assisting with the faculty, and teaching hours.

Experienced-Based Technique

The goal of this program is to help you learn to teach safe and effective classes, create movement, develop personal understanding, efficiency and artistry. You will also learn to deepen your own practice leading to a healthier body, a clearer mind and a greater sense of peace and joy in your life.

To apply and reserve your space, complete the application and mail the office of BRIAH/Jayne Persch with a $150.00 application fee. 

Workshops - National and International Interest

Proposed  2018 Workshop/Class dates are


March 30th & 31st , 2018  Foundation Workshop I

May  26, 2018 - Review & Prep for EA Workshop II 1/2 Day

May 27th  2018 - Full Day EA Workshop II The Magical Foot & Lower Leg Part 1

June 16, 2018 - Review & Prep for EA Workshop II Part 2

 June 17 , 2018  Full Day EA Workshop II The Magical Foot & Lower Leg Part 2

August/September 2018  EA Workshop III & Prep/Review  - The Connection Points Upper Leg & Pelvis

October 2018 - EA Workshop IV Our Centering - The Pelvis & Torso

December 2018

For More Information & Schedules  - please look at Workshops - Thank you  


BRIAH/E.A.S.E Complete Certification

This comprehensive course of study is designed to help trainees to systematically build knowledge, develop skills with a new perspective, incorporate the new sciences with traditional training systems and ancient wisdom. Fifty years of experience in the professional dance world plus degrees, certifications, intense and dedicated study of the body and movement has been developed over many times and many dancers. Come and learn, study and learn how to respect optimal movement.  

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